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The state just began issuing conditional certificates for all units that received a violation for FS90 (new fire service code), which is the case for your unit number. The certificate you received is exactly that. While we work with the manufacturers on a solution to this issue, the state has been granting extensions on the repairs. Your unit number is still scheduled to be reinspected on the scheduled date. This new certificate serves as a placeholder since the unit passed all other aspects of the inspection.

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Early Alert

Once clients are entered into the Customer Compliance Schedule (CCS) database, they will be sent an email notification three months prior to the expiration of their elevator certificate.


Inspection Scheduling

United Elevator manages the filing and receipt of all required applications while providing automatic notification of test dates, times, and other relevant information to the client by email. United Elevator also tracks the progress of each inspection and follows up as necessary.

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Certification Completion

The process is complete after any necessary inspection and the subsequent issuance of a compliance certificate. Where mandated, the 90-day retest process is initiated with clients receiving notification within ten to fifteen business days detailing the required work. United Elevator ensures the work is promptly scheduled and performed upon approval of the customer with confirmation that the elevator is ready for re-inspection delivered along with the state-scheduled date and time.

FS90 Correspondence from the state


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