At United Elevator, we specialize in the installation of hydraulic and traction systems for commercial, residential, industrial and healthcare facilities in both new and existing buildings. We can accommodate the elevator installation requirements for any type of building and application. Please use our convenient online form to request a free quote.
What We Offer:

  • In-house design capability
  • Accessibility and building code specialists
  • Specifications to suit your project
  • Assistance with project planning
  • Coordination with other trades
  • Products from top manufacturers
  • Affiliations with qualified dealerships


We provide a full range of elevator maintenance services. It’s always the best decision to preempt problems by enrolling in our Preventive Maintenance Program. Our services will keep you operating in tip-top condition and, if needed, we are ready and available to repair damage caused by normal wear and tear. We are certified to replace obsolete parts and correct code violations. Contact us for a complimentary quotation.
Preventative Maintenance Services
Our quality Preventive Maintenance service program is a preemptive measure to ensure future equipment problems don’t occur. Periodic inspection and service increases the reliability of your equipment and enables you to reduce the cost and frequency of repairs. Our expert field technicians understand to workings of this complex lift-equipment and their knowledge and experience ensures dependable, safe and extended operational service-life


United Elevator Corp provides modernization to commercial & residential customers. By adding current technology, our technicians can bring your elevators into compliance with all applicable elevator code. Let us help you meet the requirements of the “American with Disabilities Act” (ADA), increase efficiency and performance and improve the appearance of your elevators. Not only will your passengers experience increased safety and comfort, but our services will extend the life of your equipment to help you get more from your initial investment. Please use our convenient online form to contact us for more information.


We provide expert elevator repairs. We are driven by safety, quality and outstanding customer service, and strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your passengers. We employ union-certified technicians who are continuously trained on the latest industry technologies and regulations. Our repair crews are outfitted with the state-of-the-art tools and equipment needed to complete repairs on virtually every brand and type of elevator. Contact us for a complementary quote