a full service elevator company

We are a women-owned and family-operated business, bringing more than 20 years of experience with residential and commercial clients.


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United Elevator Mission Statement

United Elevator is a customer-focus based company that strives to deliver the most exemplary service, expertise, and safety for all our residential, municipal, and commercial clients. We are driven to be the predominate, independently owned, full-service elevator company for all of New England. 

Since the start of the Pandemic, United was informed of DCAMM’s Covid-19 Policy where they must make daily entries into our database to track their personnel entering and working inside our facilities. They do an excellent job of making the daily entries. United’s field personnel, as well as the Admin Staff are always courteous and professional and are an asset to the Company. In my opinion, United has the wherewithal to handle everything from routine maintenance to emergency response and repairs. I recommend this company unequivocally as a Full Service Elevator Contractor
Dr. Thomas E Forde, PMP
Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance Office of OFMM