Our Promise

Elevator maintenance is an essential service to ensure your equipment operates at its maximum potential. Elevator repair services from our experienced staff can quickly and accurately identify any minor problems before they become major issues. Our Preventive Maintenance Program is an exceptional long-term solution for ensuring that your equipment remains in the best condition possible. With this program, you’ll receive regular inspections to anticipate potential damage as well as necessary repairs for damage due to normal wear and tear. Elevator preventive maintenance has many benefits, such as minimizing service costs and reducing the frequency of callbacks due to breakdowns or other serious issues. You can trust us to guarantee a quality job when it comes to elevator maintenance, which will extend the reliable life of your equipment.

Our expert field technicians provide reliable, dependable service that you can trust. With extensive experience with complex lift equipment and its workings, they ensure your investment is safe and extends its operational service life. Whether it’s installation services, routine maintenance, or breakdown support, our team of technicians always have you covered in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Put your trust in their expertise – we guarantee your satisfaction!

Proper long-term elevator care begins with regular and thorough preventative maintenance services.

At United Elevator, we have the resources and ability to manage and optimize your elevator care responsibly. 

Here are some of the many reasons why United Elevator is an excellent choice for your elevator maintenance! 

  • United Elevator has a wealth of experience in servicing ALL brands, ages, and brands of elevator equipment.
  • At each visit, we perform a thorough inspection and service – view our regular maintenance checklist. 
  • We handle all aspects of your maintenance program, including regular maintenance, service calls, annual inspections, repairs, and upgrades if required. 
  • No long-term contract commitment – customers can provide 30 days’ notice for any changes.  
  • United Elevator employs a large fleet of licensed elevator technicians, each equipped with the proper tools and common repair parts. 
  • No pre-billing for services; invoices only sent after the work is performed. 
  • Certified Payroll is available for customers that require it. 
  • Web-based 24/7/365 reporting is standard for all customers. 
  • We maintain an 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse with a large inventory of repair and replacement parts. 
  • United Elevator is a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with the highest industry DCAMM experience rating.