Key Benefits of Elevator Modernization

Improved Passenger Safety

Bringing your elevator systems up to date through modernization not only ensures compliance with current safety codes and regulations but also incorporates state-of-the-art safety technology and systems. This guarantees a safer and more secure experience for both building management and occupants, providing assurance and tranquility for all involved.

Efficiency & Cost savings

Upgrading to modern elevator systems not only improves efficiency and reliability but also enables the use of advanced technologies that can recover power, resulting in significant cost savings. United Elevator expertly crafts and implements the ideal system to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

elevator aesthetics

The aesthetic of your elevator can greatly impact the perception of your building. United Elevator offers a wide range of design options to choose from, and we will work with you to find the perfect appearance for your location.

overall passenger satisfaction

Upgraded elevators provide a vastly improved riding experience due to the replacement of crucial components, resulting in a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers. This leads to increased passenger satisfaction.

Industry leader in elevator modernization solutions

  • Specializes in modernizing commercial elevators
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Dedicated to meeting the unique needs and budgets of customers
  • Offers the most advanced solutions
  • Team of highly-skilled and well-trained modernization crews
  • Prioritizes minimal disruption to the building and job site safety
  • Works with reputable manufacturers and suppliers using the most modern technology
  • Uses non-proprietary systems, giving freedom of choice in maintenance
  • Offers turnkey project management, handling all aspects of the upgrade from start to completion


  • The average lifespan of an elevator is approximately 20 years.
  • System no longer in compliance with current safety codes. 
  • Frequent shutdowns, repairs, and service calls.
  • Repeated issues with the elevator doors opening/closing.
  • Landing and leveling issues. (trip hazards) 
  • Passenger complaints on ride quality – noisy/bumpy ride.
  • Long passenger wait times. 
  • The elevator design looks outdated, and components are worn.
  • High electricity usage costs.