United Elevator Corp provides modernization to commercial & residential customers. By adding current technology, our technicians can bring your elevators into compliance with all applicable elevator code. Let us help you meet the requirements of the “American with Disabilities Act” (ADA), increase efficiency and performance and improve the appearance of your elevators. Not only will your passengers experience increased safety and comfort, but our services will extend the life of your equipment to help you get more from your initial investment. Please use our convenient online form to contact us for more information.

How do I know when to modernize my Elevator?

Elevators have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years. Of course with proper maintenance and care, they can last longer. Parts can be replaced and upgraded and if maintained regularly, you can extend that life expectancy a lot longer. However, not forever.

When do I know when to modernize my Elevator?

Your Elevator Maintenance Technician is always your best resource in deciding if it’s time to repair, modernize or replace.

What are the benefits of modernizing my elevator?

You must look at your yearly repair costs, time spent, and inconvenience to your building while your elevator is out of service or being repaired. Weigh that against the cost of modernization. You must also consider the value added to your property having a new reliable and safe modernized elevator.

United Elevator has experienced, licensed elevator constructors who specialize in modernizations. We partner with industry leading manufacturers who use cutting edge technologies to supply us with the safest, most reliable and cost efficient components to successfully deliver turnkey modernized elevators to our customers. We have a trained sales staff available to consult with you to ensure that the elevator you design will be functional and cost effective to your particular type of building.

How do I know when it time to replace my Elevator?

If the elevator in your building is old and has become too small or slow for the building you may consider a complete replacement of your elevator. This will ensure your building is compliant with the current safety codes as well as ADA code compliant.

What are the benefits of a new elevator?

The value from a new and larger elevator allows the opportunity to make your whole building more accessible and functional. This will ensure you have maximized the profitability of the building and give you an opportunity to maximize the return on your investment.